[RANT] How things are going with me personally...

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  1. So as you all know from the title, this is a rant about how things are working at for me here on EMC forums and a bit IRL. I don't except anyone to care about this but why not.

    So to get started in this rant, I will first off say, I am tired of what I am about to say. I hope that some people read this and think about others before posting from now on.

    So this thing started when I became active on the forums in the Dec. of last year.
    A few people kept calling me rude and stupid because of what I said in my posts. Well thing is I am dyslexic and I am tired of people not knowing this. No I don't have a tuff time at school because it is not a fuzzy moniter that I am looking at. But, I have to read almost everything three times to make sure that I wrote or read it correctly. My teachers don't know that I have it because it doesn't show in my grades. But, here on the EMC forums, it has grown infuriating to see everyone say "rude or idiotic" because of a few words that I had forgotten to type but it to me they were there. Then came where almost any of my threads have died off within 1 week of me posting the thread. I mean, is it just because I have a weird avator? or does no one like me? Even the thread I am creating now will most likely be a) closed or b) die off. I mean come on! This coming from the one server I play on? And almost everyone does it? The only post that I have gotten any attention to are my music posts or one from my profile page. I am about to scream my lungs from all this BS. I am considering to just quit the forums if this keeps up. So with this said, consider what you say from now on if you don't want to hurt feelings.
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  2. I feel bad for you.....
    I don't ignore what you say, at least the posts I see. I hope things get better for you though.
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  3. I will say, personally, that I don't post on threads unless I have a valid reason. As I am not one to just... find content and share it with others, I don't generally have much to post on "share your [x]" threads.

    Also, I have never seen people get upset at you over your spelling/grammar, and your assumption that people avoid threads because of you is unfounded. I understand how you feel, but you simply can't let something like that bother you.

    If nothing else, understand that EMC isn't completely filled with soulless trolls. The majority of the members bear no ill-will to you, and you shouldn't think that people are constantly "out to get you." Nobody wants to live like that.
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  4. I agree with Crazy
    I highly doubt its anything personal with you.
    I hope you find some better luck here!
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  5. I understand how you feel better than you may think.
    I see most text like the lower half of the image below:

    This is due to scotopic sensetivity syndrome.

    I also have advanced MSA (aka shy-drager) so reading things is extremely difficult for me. MSA is a little like alzheimer's.

    I have actually found through time that when something I post doesn't get responses, it is either due to me actually making such a succinct point nobody can think of anything intelligent to say in response to it, or people just not having anything to say at all, or just plain them not having enough interest to bother making a post. Keep in mind there ARE others out there where things like making an internet post is difficult (like for me, MSA along with two forms of arthritis makes it extremely painful and difficult to type sometimes, and moderately so all the other times)...
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  6. I've never seen anyone call you rude or idiotic on the fourms here, but i have seen your threads die off.
    I went through the same phase as you did a few months back, it should die down in time.
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  7. Welcome to the club. The drinks are that way. ---->
    Jk :p
    But really, it doesnt matter what you say, it how you said. Now, thats a limitaion for the internet, but you can do like what i dis when i first started. Say something in your sig about being dyslexic.
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