[Rant] Hollister and Jack Wills

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  1. WARNING: If you shop at Hollister, Jack Wills, Abercrombie & Fitch or similar stores, you may not want to read on as this may offend you, as always, I don't mean any of this personally. This is just my opinion on these companies.

    I don't know what it is, but today I feel like ranting about these companies. I do not normally do this but I just felt like it. This is just my opinion on these companies, feel free to give your own opinion if you like.

    I really do not like Hollister, Jack Wills, Abercrombie & Fitch. Why? Well they are all corporate idiots (I decided to use the nice term, but you probably know what I want to say)

    Firstly, there is the ridiculous prices. For example, at Jack Wills if you want a sweatshirt, expect to pay at least £50. If you go to a supermarket, which does their own clothing, you could probably find a just as good one for £20. Cheaper clothes stores nowadays are keeping up with the latest fashion, so you can find things that you would find at Hollister or whatever, in a supermarket clothes store for probably more than half the price.

    Secondly, they use their clothing as a sort of self advertising. If you look at the majority of Jack wills/Hollister/whatever products they will have their own name on them. The worst part is, is that the majority of people that buy from these stores buy the clothing just for the name! Perhaps so they can show off, 'oh look I have lots of money I shop at jack wills' or so they can be 'cool' and fit in, which leads me onto my next point.

    Lastly, the corporate companies that sell these products only want their 'target market' to wear their products. The following text is from the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jeffries. 'In a 2006 interview with Salon, he has stated that his clothing line is exclusively for "cool" people. Moreover, he said he doesn't want overweight people to wear his clothes.' So basically, if you don't fit into their target market of 'cool' they don't want you wearing their clothes, as it will ruin their image. Also, not to get into name calling, but if you have seen him then he looks like an ad for plastic surgery gone wrong.

    Okay so that is it. Rant over.
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  2. Interesting note: Many clothing stores hire representatives based on looks.
    The application process is literally, do you look nice? (assuming no criminal history, of course.)
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  3. Very true. I know that Hollister are famous for this. No skills needed, just good looks.
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  4. Many CEOs of these big companies are total idiots who treat their employees like crap, and often times the CEOs act like the employees are their property... It's so idiotic... Then they have GIGANTIC houses that cost like 5 million dollars, and they barely do anything the the company and customers.. It's pathetic! There wax my rant for the day.... Dang I feel like 20 pounds lighter :3
  5. Interesting story about that, where they hired a new immigrant with no knowledge of English purely for racial diversity and looks, who then proved entirely incapable when shoplifters tried to steal from the shop.
  6. Proletarianization. Read some Marx, it'll make you feel better. (And maybe worse)
  7. Oh... Then there are places like Hooters.... Pffff pathetic.
  8. What..?
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  10. Um.
    Is it bad I wear Hollister, just cuz it's based in CA?
    Meh, don't have everything just a few things from relatives.
    No need to spend over 20 bucks on a t shirt when I could get 2 or 3. :3
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  11. I do not like them but not necessarily for those reasons. I do not care if a company is overpriced. If someone is willing to spend that type of money on fabric I do not care. I have to say I do not see how writing one someone's butt is fashionable.

    What I really do not like is the image they give off. I agree on that. Their CEO's remarks about their brands are terrible. To wear the brand you have to have a certain image and you can only be cool if you wear it. I love how they advertise it and then you have a CEO who looks like this:

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