[ RANT ] Community Involvment, Play Styles, and stuff.

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    [Disclaimer] This is a rant. This is my opinion, and you are free to post yours, if it does not cause flamewars* There will likely be sides taken so you have been warned. Also it's a rant, don't read if you don't like. ;3

    As you know, The Block by Block Contest is... well going well, but it could be better. I initially created it because I felt like we needed more community involvement, and my goal as a member of the community was to reach that. So far it has and hasn't worked so well. I will explain further in depth below.

    [My opinion]
    In my opinion, any minecraft server should be one with loads of community involvement, everyone helping each other, not only in chat, but just seeing a build for others. I try my best to do this when I am online, and almost every introduction thread I offer up rupees and or materials.

    Now, I am not saying Empire Minecraft doesn't have that, because that'd be a lie. But it could have more. I feel like people could be more... friendly to new players, and try harder not to get annoyed. Sooner or later, they will help you out when you need it. It could also use some different styles of playing, not just Townsmen, Hunter, Farmer, Grinder... Outposts are a great retreat into the wilderness, but some people want... well something different after a while.

    That's why I would like to see in the future not dragon tombs, not even an economy update, but more community involvement. Mob arenas, Firefloor, and such are great, but not everyone likes the game or has god armor to help win it (Remember I said has, not able to.) and I feel new games, and more just daily things could be better encouraged. The GSA is a great thing, but people shouldn't need an award to do what nice people do; the reasoning behind it is different.

    I think that maybe the staff should... how do I put this... troll players. Now I know this sounds like an odd request, but it would be fun for people to watch, see, and hear about their experience of being trolled by an admin or anyone for that fact. It'd also show players on the interwebs what we are.

    In the end, it is kind of like a suggestion, but kind of like a rant, and a reminder/bravo to people and such.

    [Tell me what you think!]
    Please, please, please! Tell me, do you agree, disagree, have some different opinions? Just remember no flame wars ( I will report it if it happens ). :) Thank You!
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  2. I can't say much about getting the community involved since I rarely log on, but staff trolling would probably leave a very negative impression. Admittedly I'd do that if I was staff, but that's why I'm not staff.
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  3. Well uh, I think it'd be cool (cuz I would totally do it too) but in moderation.
    Not like blow up some guys base, but disguise and just mess with people with things like WE. ;3
  4. Go on any server, ANY, and try to find a community better than ours. The seniors already troll a lot which make it more fun but it is controlled. As the host of GSA I am a bit offended, lol. The whole contest was designed to avoid that. IT prevented people acting nice around people just infront of me.
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  5. Meh. People are being kinda mean to all these new players. I mean like lol. We were all a new player once.
  6. I do this so much...you have no idea.
  7. Troll players? I do not think players need to be assignated for that:p
    People that would want to do that, could do that, but I think in most cases it can be seen as offensive. That is why emc differs from say mindcrack, because on mindcrack everyone knows each other. So in each case, when you would "troll" - I do not even really know what that means - you could better not do it with new members that do not know you, and you should let them know who you are, so they are not scared off the empire by some weird guy with a purple name offending them;)
  8. Your right I don't, please record o3o
  9. No, that ruins part of the fun. When staff is interacting with players the good thing is it is personal:)
  10. How does it ruin the fun? ;3 I think it'd add to it. :p Be just like punked.
  11. If a staff trolled me, I would probably commit suicide and blow my base up because I would think it is a griefer and I wouldn't want them getting anything. Last time someone I didn't know came to my base I hid in a box with a dog for 2 hours.
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  12. Aren't you being a little bit too hysteric when reacting like that?
  13. my base is filled with valuable stuff. If someone came and griefed my base killing me alone would get them usually about 15-20k worth of stuff, and if they went and did a full grief they would probably get 100k+ rupees worth of stuff because my base has all sorts of valuable blocks everywhere.
  14. Bump! Stay on topic guys, thank you very much :p