RaN's Terror ( i don't remember his full name)

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Does RaN have the power to ban players?

Yes, he's a diamond supporter, duh. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, we are all equal. Only a Moderator can ban 6 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Today I logged on when i came home from school. I went to a legit lottery and played, and one. I received my prize and moved onto the park our. I got knocked off the fence post section when i heard an interesting conversation starting.

    There was some tension starting from Ran and PeachesMclovin. I forgot what he said for sure, but Ran started saying he was going to ban Peaches and said "Last straw Peaches," or something of the sort. The conversation kept going, with no moderators online. I jumped in, defending Peaches, and he started saying was going to permaban us. We casted a vote, and the majority of chatting players said RaN didn't have the power to ban us and was abusing the supporter title. We all voted to kick him from the server, but sadly, there is no /kick command in use at EMC.

    RaN really doesn't have the power to ban players, and I think he was causing a lack of fun, and was starting an argument with threats to MANY players that could have been easily resolved if a mod had been online at the time. I realize this is my first thread, and I am sorry if this is a whiny first impression.
  2. Only moderator staff have the ability to kick, tempban and ban players. All other players, including supporters, have the ability to prevent other players moving on their lot, but that is the extent of the power.
  3. and also.. get your facts straight.. read the screenshots.. i said
    "WAY to get yourself banned"
    "Last warning before you get banned"

    NEVER said I'd ban him...

    gosh with this kiddos nowadays
  4. Diamond, Gold and iron supporters are equal at the eyes of the justice, we all are equal actually.
    RaN has no power at all to ban none of you guys from the servers so don't worry about it, you guys just waste your time paying attention to him.
    The only thing i think he could do is remove your move flags from his residence but that aint a ban from the server, that's just a residence ban.
    If you get any troubles go to forums and check online staff, then just message him/her and him/her must go help you guys :)
  5. copherfield... same goes for you... look at the screenshots... look at what i said... now tell me

    please if you have no matter in the issue, dont post here kkthxbai
  6. Ok so "Last warning before you get banned" aint saying that someone will get banned?
    Seriously, i don't really know who is the kiddo here, if the dude who is showing some arguments or the one with the "Boss" avatar that actually believes that has the last word with everyting.
  7. No thanks, i will post wherever i want it's my right ;)
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  8. Thanks, copher, and RaNiSiMa, I'm truthfully sorry i had to get involved, i just don't like people who threaten when they really have no power. My avatar kinda explains that
    A like for you copherfield
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  9. Who in hell do you think you are to make terror over other players? Why don't you try messing with a mod or admin?
  10. Copherfield, dont make this worse on you... if i'd were you i'd quit now...

    if u consider athis a threat... be my guest and complain
  11. Everyone take a chill pill. Don't break the rules. If someone reminds you of the rules in-game don't freak out. Also if you have a problem with someone, let a moderator know and /ignore them :)
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