[Rank Discussion] EMC Founders

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  1. I don't know, but I feel JustinGuy with the Diamond rank and GameKribJEREMY with the regular rank is a bit dull. Yes, I know JEREMY is ICC but still.

    Justin has the rank of Original EMC Founder on the site, so why not incorporate that rank into the game for those two names? Maybe some of the original mods, who set the place up? This is could be a pipe dream for me, but as a player of 700+ days, this annoys me a bit.

    Please no flame wars, just simple discussion.
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  2. well, we cant add an official rank, as the way groups are defined, but I can special case justins name to show it on display on /p
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  3. I believe the main thing with this was - is if it was implemented that former mods or staff still remain a title, then people will bug those players to 'deal with rule breakers, and other situations' ...that they can no longer do.

    So in a sense giving them a title, would confuse a situation.

    However* I feel as though when a mod is later not a mod - staff no longer staff ... that in their old posts it shouldn't say what their current status is (diamond, gold, regular etc) it should say something like 'Was Former Mod' etc ... so people know when reading in old threads what someone's status was at the current time.

    edit: ninja'd by aikar D:
  4. its not possible to do that sadly.
  5. That would be cool, I like that idea :)
  6. hmm... what if it was based on a time interval?

    Say you have like the data saved every time a status changes - you get a time stamp...

    Each status has it's own value ... (diamond, gold, etc)

    Then in posts - they have their own time stamps.

    Then if the time frame of the posts' time stamp is within the time frame of the status change time stamps, then the status will then be that status value ... (each one will be generic of mod, regular, diamond, gold, iron, etc) - and then staff instead of it saying mod if they are retired - have it say Former Mod ...

    if they are on a time interval they won't possibly interfere with current names...


    Or is it not possible because you can't manipulate the xenforo code at the moment?
  7. I agree with you, 100% Batt :)
  8. Red text, I don't care. Where is ICC's? Or is he just going to be demoted? What about the other "retired" staff? Nothing to them? Not a demoted staff or retired staff tag? Is all this just going unnoticed, all the work they put into it? Or are you Andrew Jackson and instituting a new Spoils System? While you are the new owner, does that necessarily institute the right to getting rid of these members who put it so much work at the beginning and through EMC that led you to be the owner? Or is that not happening, are they just gonna be forgotten?
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  9. Staff being demoted for inactivity has and always will be (under both ICC and Aikar) the case. ICC received the same special title as Justin. :)