Rank colors ;)

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  1. Allright, I was bored so I made this ;)

    Senior Moderator
    Diamond supporter
    Gold Supporter
    Iron Supporter
    Active member

    So, thats it!
  2. Isn't this kind of redundant as it's printed in the server and on the forum it says what your rank is... in that colour... I'm all for informative threads and all but I tend to draw a line at useless.

    (sorry if this seems a little harsh, just being honest.)
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  3. Sorry I wish Iron could be darker but we are stuck with a few basic colors inside the game :(

    Actually one rank you are missing is Senior Moderator it is light green :)
  4. Here you are ;)
  5. JustinGuy, my Gravatar won't update :(
  6. make sure you have the actual gravatar radio button selected

    As seen here:
  7. Ty! It works! :D
  8. No problem.
  9. Us active members get no recognition. ;'(
  10. Oh sorry Malicaii12
  11. Haha, I demand that Justin gives me a seperate colour for loyalty! :p
  12. Dark red would be cool :D!
  13. Difference between New Member, Member and Active Member is post count, nothing more.. You get a trophy for 100 posts.
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  14. I really don't think Active Members are their own rank. They're just active, or lacking that, they've simply been with the server for a long time and post sporadically.

    Which means they don't deserve a custom name color. We have enough of those as it is, you know.
  15. You do realise I was joking, right? I totally agree with you. :)
  16. I realize you were joking, but I don't think other people did.
  17. Thanks for posting this. Many people thought i was a mod on smp2 because i have a gold name. lol. it started when someone said"oid, plz ban this person" I said i am not a mod rofl
  18. hey guys make it so more people can join just go into the sever proporties and change max players
  19. Thanks for the suggestion this question has been answered many many times all over the site :)
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  20. Lol that post screams I'm new here, hi! :D