RandomZh saves the day

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  1. I came across Momentus for the first time, and being pretty new didn't know how to approach this :confused:. After my third death (lol), RandomZh offered in chat to help. He duly stepped up to the plate and dealt with this bad boy (and recovered my three diamond swords in the process).....
    Many thanks for doing this RandomZh...I owe you :)

    Thanks to SpineshankKira for advice too :cool:

  2. Very very tricky.. one time me and a few friends found 3, lets just say I hid alot :rolleyes:
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  3. Ok.
    Good to show appreciation I guess.
  4. Hey, if you need any momentus help, you can call me. :p

    (I've fought around 12 or so? yeah.. Yuo give up hope when only one of those that you fought 1v1 you've gotten only one Momentuses Toothpick :p)
  5. Fighting them in the water is the easiest because you can escape underwater easily.
  6. Yeah - he did great :)
  7. Our Hero! :)
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