Random Void hole of Death!?!?

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  1. hey guys i was comeing back to spawn from my nether base and i found this 2015-02-23_17.47.25.png so if anyone knows wut this is plz tell me it scared me to death
  2. That is Probably just a glitch. Try logging out and back in.
  3. Doesn't look like a glitch; see the lava flowing down into the hole from the side? That suggests to me that the chunk somehow got deleted rather than simply not being loaded.
  4. jump down in it and find out
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  5. Hmm... That's a great idea! To jump in an unknown, creepy, black hole of darkness surrounded by lava!

    EDIT: Do not do that!!!!! :O
  6. give me coords and ill find out for ya :)
  7. I've seen one of these on Smp8. Don't jump into it if you are holding anything you don't want to lose. If I remember correctly you will die by jumping into a naturally occurring void in the wild.
  8. I saw one of these on SMP5, I would imagine they are from senior staff screwing around and goofing up then forgetting //undo...