Random TV Shows & Movies Soundtracks

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Do You Listen to TV Series/Movies Soundtracks

Yes 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Once in a While 1 vote(s) 12.5%
No 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. In my last post Random Gaming Soundtracks, SoulPunisher commented about TV Shows and Movies soundtracks. So I thought "Hey let's make a thread about it!". And now here we are... Listening to more soundtracks!

    Here is my favorites TV Shows and Movies Soundtracks! Please be sure to share yours too! Enjoy!

    Star Wars - Star Wars Theme

    Doctor Who - Opening Theme

    Family Guy - Opening Theme

    Breaking Bad - Opening Theme

    Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters (Theme Song)

    (List Continues on Comments...)
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  2. Robocop - Theme Song

    Back to The Future

    S.W.A.T. - Theme Song

    Hawaii Five-O - Theme Song

    Airwolf - Theme Song
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  3. Beverly Hills Cop - Main Theme

    Bad Boys - Theme Song

    Space Jam - Theme Song

    Rocky Balboa - Theme Song

    MacGyver - Theme Song
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  4. A Team - Theme Song

    Top Gun - Danger Zone

    Batman(1966) - Theme Song

    The Bing Bang Theory - Theme Song

    Friends - Opening Theme

    WOW! Have you been thru the whole list? Congratulations!
    You deserve a reward! Here's a spoon... Enjoy it!
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  5. Stars Wars (movie)
    The Big Bang Theory (TV)
    Friends (TV)

    I felt too lazy to find Youtube clips of them. ;)
  6. Just added 'em for you! I like those too...
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  7. S.T.A.Y, the theme of Interstellar...

    Let's Kill Some Crows, from the penultimate episode of Season 4 of Game of Thrones (SPOILERS: I think it's from the part when Jon Snow looks over into the Kingdom Beyond the Wall from Castle Black and sees the ring of fire, and when he kills Styr in the courtyard :p...)...

  8. We all know this should be here
  9. Here's a couple more random soundtracks!

    House of Cards - Freddie's World

    Ducktales - Opening Theme

    Knight Rider - Theme Song

    CHiPS - Theme Song

    Magnum, P.I. - Opening Theme
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