Random Thread For randomness(A sequel to the epic Valentine's Day fail troll thread jack)

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  1. Lets the randomness unfurl :D

    Only one rule....No foul language

    now let me start with saying Lava is evil and so is THE GAME!
  2. I lost the game :(
  3. and so Did I D: Oh Noes I need a potion of sucess IV xD

    jeez this makes me sound like a nerd....Oh wait I am and darn proud of it too!
  4. I do not think that this thread is going to last long, the original thread was and will always be the only troll thread that people are allowed to unwind in. :D
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  5. It's true I made this in hopes of it working but now three posts later I regret tarnishing our fine moment of counter-trolling then just bantering BS back and forth in that fail troll thread. I have brought dishonor to the great fail troll thread of feb 14/15/16(depending on time zones if I am not mistaken). :( I shall go sit in the corner now for my dishonor!
  6. Lol, its not just that, trolling has no place on the Empire, unless other wise allowed by the admins XD

    From the original troll thread:

  7. I know the rules Mr2 lol I am glad the admins found it amusing like we all did though!!! so we must remain vigilante for more fail troll threads to jack yes?
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  8. Indeed :)
  9. well then....we should ask jer and justin if there is can be positions on the staff team labeled as "Forum creepers" good idea or fail idea? /end thread
  10. What is a troll? I've seen stuff about trolls all over the internet but I still can't figure it out.
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