Random Screenshots I have

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  1. these are just some random screenshots I found in my folder.
    someone Trapped Sonic, Pandas, and the other guy in there. 2012-12-28_07.07.55.png
    2013-01-19_18.21.34.png Party for Ignoramoose & Krysyy. 2013-01-19_18.24.14.png 2013-04-29_07.12.41.png 2013-04-29_07.14.34.png 2013-05-17_06.52.19.png Game Derp. 2013-06-01_08.17.12.png
    A Lava Wall. 2013-06-01_08.17.52.png Mob XRay With Lava Walls 2013-06-01_08.21.45.png The Lava Wall Complete.
  2. Uhm, still, using a hacked client is bannable, even though you only use for single player, right?
  3. It was accidental going on EMC :(
  4. Even if accidental, using a hacked client on EMC at any time could get you into trouble. I'd suggest you PM a moderator just to see what you/they can do.
  5. why would you post a picture of a hacked client here in the first place?
  6. Accidental :p should see if a mod would be able to remove that.
  7. I don't think it's the screenshot that's the issue you might run into haha.
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  8. you cant call everything in life an accident, no one will ever take you literally.
  9. FYI, folks, the staff has been made aware of the situation, the offending image removed, and princebee is aware of the mistake. Let's not have an angry mob, mmmmkay?
  10. angry_wolf.png
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