Random Philosophy Hypotheticals

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Celori, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. So... this is a thread because I got bored. And I like thinking about this kind of stuff... so here's a challenge for myself and anybody reading this:

    Respond to the previous hypothetical with your own viewpoints of what is right then add in your own hypothetical. It doesn't need to be some serious super-ultra-ultimatum. It could be something silly or pointless if you'd prefer. I just want to get a bit of a feel of how other people think compared to my own philosophies. I'll start us off...

    You have a sandwich. You have a choice to put on it. You can either put mayonnaise (which you really love in this hypothetical, even if you don't normally) or nothing at all. You are aware from some source that absolutely can not lie that if you put mayonnaise on the sandwich, there is a 0.001% chance (1/1000) that someone will become severely harmed or killed due to the butterfly effect. Do you put mayonnaise on the sandwich and take that small risk or do you avoid the mayonnaise just in case? If you'd like to, explain some reasoning to it.

  2. In all seriousness, I would be okay with putting the mayonnaise on the sandwich, as the chance is very, very small and not worth freaking out over.