Random origins of terms number one: Jumped the Shark

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  1. Jumped the Shark comes from Happy Days, when, to over come his fear of sharks, Fonzie, decides to jump over a shark on water-skies. When he does this, he is also wearing his leather jacket and swim trunks. Most fans of Happy Days agree, that this is the moment Happy Days went down hill. Today, its used to describe the down fall moment of any TV show. Another term like Jumped the Shark is Nuked the Fridge, which is when a move franchises has hit its peak, and has started going down. This
    comes from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull, when Indiana hides in a fridge just before a nuke is set off a few hundred feet away.

    That's all for today and thanks for reading!
  2. Anyone have a term they want me to do?
  3. Tom Foolery ?