Random Minecraft facts.

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  1. 1. When the game is paused, a hostile enderman will still shake.
    2. Villagers will breed if their is a wooden door in their village.
    3. Villagers are tied for the fourth tallest mob with Slimes and Magma cubes. They are 2 blocks high, well most mobs are under two blocks, including the player.
    4. The ability to throw eggs was added when a player said he would eat his USB if Notch added it. He did.
    5. Endermen are the only mob's that can open their jaws without changing textures.
    6. Hordes of zombies will spawn and siege a village at anytime of the day, in any lighting.
    7. When in a cobweb, a creepers countdown is longer.
    8. If you hit a wild wolf while a tamed one is with you, it will attack the wolf, but once it is killed, it will become hostile.
    9. Creepers are based on a failed pig model made by Notch.
    10. Notch says Creepers would feel crunchy, like dried leaves.
    11. Around 15 villagers need to be in a village for a Iron Golem to spawn naturally.
    12. If there is a way out of a room, a snow golem will try to get out.
    13. Villagers CAN use ladders.
    14. When viewed from the front, baby wolfs look like walking heads.
    15. Crying obsidian was going to be used to set a spawn point but was taken out when beds were made.
    16. A new type of stone, Circle stone, can be only found in creativity, and has no special use.
    17. There is a green robe for villagers, but it is not used. Might be used later to tell if one is female or male.
    18. It is possible to grow a tree past the height limit.
    19. In the pocket edition, the default name is Stevie.
    20. If you look long enough, you can find abandon mine shafts jolting out of the ground in Super flat mode.
    21. Heorbrine has been removed in every version since 1.6.6.
    22. All cows in Minecraft are female, since they can all give out milk.
    23. Cobwebs don't affect cave spiders.
    24. Both types of spiders can't climb up ice.
    25. Cats don't take fall damage. SO THEY DO HAVE NINE LIVES!
    26. Before 1.2, Villagers did not detect houses.
    27. You used to be able to milk squids.
    28. There is a 100% chance that you will get poisoned from eating a spider eye
    29. In the code, glowstone dust is called yellowdust.
    30. A dropped item will stop a mine cart.
    31. A burning furnace and glowing redstone ore are two different blocks, and will trigger a block update.
    32. A sword will not take damage well killing the dragon.
    33. Fall damage is = to the number of blocks - 3 starting at the 4th block.
    34. Most of the Endermen's sounds are someone saying Hi, Hello, and What's up, all reversed and distorted.
    35. Zombies and skeletons wont burn in daytime if on soul sand.
    36. You can mine well blocking.
    37. In the F3 menu, the Nether is called Hell, and the End is called Sky, which is what Notch wanted it to be, a sky world.
    38. Weather happens around every seven days in minecraft, which is around two hours.
    39. Pumpkins are harder to find the Diamonds.
    40. You cant lure animals with wheat in the end.

    More to come.
  2. Well That was an entertaining 40 seconds Thanks posting this :D
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  3. Put in a few more.
  4. Very nice lissssssSSSSssssst you have there.... Wait..... What?!?!?! Am i a pig....? BOOOM
  5. They should give out porkchops AND gun powder.
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  6. Actually all tall mobs are exactly 2 blocks :)
  7. Nope. Are small slimes? Nope. Are small magma cubes? No. Are pigs? No. Are chickens? no.
  8. I just said 'Tall Mobs' I.E Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons. ZombiePigmen.
  9. :confused: You can't say "tall mobs" as not all mobs are taller then 2 blocks.
  10. Tall mobs are classed in minecraft anything that isn't a spider/cavespider/small slime really.
  11. I don't really care at this moment.
  12. Very interesting!
  13. Added a few more.
  14. I have added three more and will start updating it again!
  15. 11. Around 15 villagers need to be in a village for a Iron Golem to spawn naturally.
    Also, you need at least 21 doors in a village for an Iron Golem to spawn naturally.

    21. Heorbrine has been removed in every version since 1.6.6.
    Every major update since. i.e. Heorbrine wasn't removed in 1.2.3, only in 1.2. Same for Beta 1.7.3 and Beta 1.7.

    22. All cows in Minecraft are female, since they can all give out milk.
    Actually, in the world of Minecraft, there are no genders, since any cow can mate with any cow, dog with dog, etc. Since it's a game, the real world "laws" of gender for animals can be ignored, but it's just how people perceive it, as a lot of people perceive it differently.
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