Random Hexxit Nerdiness Thread!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by oidgod, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Ok everyone, this is my official Hexxit thread. Feel free to talk about your world, questions about hexxit, or hexxit related statements.
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  2. I lag too bad to play.
  3. I'm just getting started with Hexxit, but I'm loving all the challenges! Erosego has some cool videos on Hexxit.
    Right now I'm trying to figure out the best strategy to beat that cranky giant turtle.....I've died about 5 times already trying to get past him.
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  4. This :p
  5. I really wish I could play to but I lag out every 3 mins of playtime, it's fun between the time I start and stop though :(
  6. where can you find them? im super bored on hexxit and have nothing else to do :p
  7. nvm, found where they spawn. i also found how to kill them. :D
  8. Well, just took on a hydra with my power 5 infinity 1 fire 1 Crystal bow. I really overestimated the battle. Preeety easy.
    I used to lag, render distance on small if you do lag. Fixes everything.

    Entering the harken scythes mod and its entirety as well.
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  9. Freakier then a harbringer! >:D

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  10. I just started a Hexxit a few days ago and have been loving it.
    But, a few questions if I may
    • I recently got a Power I Iron Bow from a dungeon or something, good bow?
    • Can you recommend any good weapons to make?
  11. legia bow. mine is highly enchanted, does 40 damage.
  12. I need to get my hands on a Legia bow! Is it more powerful than the crystal bow?
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  13. What is that?
  14. The harbringer is a MICRO Boss within the Harken Scythe Mod. (Pic 1)
    Freaky as heck. Summon spectral ghost mobs to kill you, teleport around, looks like slenderman (kinda :p) and has a LOT of hearts to pack on.
    If you kill him, he drops abyss fragments, or a soul reaper/essence vessel.

    Also in the picture of ghost-oidgod, i was invisible because i ate a cow soul. Tasted good, and made me invisible for some odd reason.

    Also i killed the enderdragon, and im trying to make a wither skeleton spawner with soul shards.

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  15. I perfer the crystal bow's RoF, but the Legia Bow is EXTREMELY good.