Random glich that wont stop.

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  1. hi i was just writing to say i keep receiving this glich that makes blocks randomly bounce back to me even if i dig them from a distance, i was unable to get a screenshot because as soon as i dig the block it appears in my inventory, regardless of how far away i am from it. I dotn know why this is happening and i do not have any mods at all, so i am very confused by this. just letting yous know so that i cant be blamed for anything concerning this in the future.
  2. what client are you using?
  3. Is there server lag? Are you using a different client for MC, or any mods? More info would be appreciated.
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  4. If I understand what you're saying correctly then it's not a glitch. It's a grouping plug-in that was implemented to put a little bit less stress on the servers. It just puts the same type of blocks in a pile even if you are mining them from a certain distance away. The pile/group of blocks mined gets moved to the next similar block you mine if you haven't already picked that group up. Note that it won't move the group from a very long distance away, just in the general area you are in. If this isn't what you're talking about then just blame it on lag :D
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  5. oh! now i understand what they were saying!!! lol i thought they were saying that the entire block was popping back up in its block form. because mine does that once in a while. but now that i really read what it says over again. i got it. lol fail to my reading ability! >.<
  6. Wait... wouldn't the stack be popping up where the last block was mined?
  7. Yes? I thought I said something similar to that
  8. You did, but in the OP, didn't he say he picked them up even when mining at a distance? You'd have to be fairly close to legit pick up the items, wouldn't you?
  9. Hmm, I see what you mean... Maybe it is a glitch. I guess we'll just have to wait until cozdog777 replies back and clarifies a few things.
  10. I also noticed that the pickup distance for auto-stacking items is off sometimes. My guess is that a stack that already started to move towards a player will continue to do so, even if it gets stacked up with new items and moved to a new position.
  11. Oh yeah, well when i harvest wheat with string it makes the /resinfo command pop up constantly. How bou that? :)
  12. That's on purpose, string is the item that is linked to the res info command. Nothing out of the ordinary, I simply suggest hitting the wheat with something else :D
  13. You can't get blamed for a glitch but don't use it for evil... like take stuff not ment for you
  14. ok thanks everyone