Random Fires

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  1. Oh Please Help me every time I Leave my Residence My house Starts on fire Why I have no Fire or Lava So Why Does this Happen??
  2. Someone might be playing a trick on you, or it might be jumping from another res (I think this is possible).
    To prevent this do /res set firespread f. You'll lose the ability for grass to spread though.
    If you think someone might be doing it use the command /res default too.
  3. /res pset firespread false type that to fix it :) ( note this keeps grass from spreading )
  4. Things i would do.

    First, check your permissions using /res info to make sure no one has access.
    Type /res set firespread false on your res, this will stop fires from spreading (and also grass from growing).
  5. ahh you beat me by a milli second
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  6. Or there is another idea, don't build out of wood, or if you do, build out of double wooden slabs, which I believe dont burn and rival obsidian for durability...
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  7. Unfortunately, in 1.3 the slabs glitch is getting fixed.
  8. Only new slabs can catch on fire, The old ones will still not catch.
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  9. Thank you Everybody
  10. same with the stair windows