Random drop parties

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  1. Ok, so recently i have been feeling more generous, so i've been deciding to do random drop parties. All drop parties will be done at town spawn unless stated otherwise. The way you know i will be doing one is because i will say," JC you done goofed up." When i say this i will wait at town spawn till enough people come, so please don't shout, "start," or "begin already," or something around those lines.
    Items being dropped:
    -enchant book(s)
    -spawn eggs
    -random utilities(TnT and such)
    -ONE GOD ITEM, or good enchant item(always diamond)

    EDIT: 1st person to comment gets 1K, 10th gets 2.5K, and 100th(if i get that many posts) gets 5K
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  2. Great idea! If you will let me, ill check my chest for some of the items you listed and donate some
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  3. Thanks:D
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  4. Wooohoo! Partay!
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  5. Yay?I'll wonder when this will happen...
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  6. just had one today and one, 2 days ago!!!
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  7. Smp? :O sounds like fun :D
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  8. sounds good :)
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  9. And, if 1st post is not included, 10th. (11th)
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  10. Excuse me, but I have to go smash a pig against the wall till it cries
  11. yes qwerty you are 10th!!! i will give you your 2.5K by tomorrow
  12. they will be on random SMPs, just make sure you pay attention to when i say the message alerting anyone in town to come to spawn!
  13. i would hate to be the pig :p
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  14. Go ahead, plasma. :p
    And thank you, mockery. :D
  15. Oooh, just read your avatar Qwerty, I really like it. I don't understand why all these guys are into these girly ponies. Oh. Wait. Now I do . . . ;)
  16. ...
    Why am I envolved.
  17. I love that snow cat.
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  18. are you going to come to all of the servers and say that or just the server that you are going to hold the drop party in?