Random act of kindness

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  1. So i remember giving 500 R for a person
    shared 15 lapis
    made someone live with me for a couple of days
    gave a pickaxe and food for new members

    I really love helping people...i know someone will do the same for me

    What about you
    what was your last act of kindness :3
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  2. Life is all about random acts of kindess!
    That is nice of you! You must be kind! :)
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  3. I was nice , becuase before i remember a guy who really helped me but he left so im kinda making him proud :3 , and i really love helping people i know someone will do the same if anything got bad for me
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  4. Answering what felt like 2 hours of newbie's questions on SMP1...
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  5. Yesterday/Today depending on what time it is for you :p on SMP7, 123Safari's huge house fell victim to lava. He asked for help and everyone rushed to his lot to watch as his house continued to burn and then they left but britbrit3197, Sonicol1 ginnyb and I (may have been more, couldn't tell from swimming in lava and water) actually took the time to help him clear the lava and cobble and get the things needed to rebuild.

    I do this on SMP7 xD
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  6. Im SMP4's newbie answerer! ;)
  7. I think a proper random act of kindness is doing something nice without anyone except yourself know you did it :) I'm not sure what my latest one was xD
  8. I left a chest with a few enchanted picks in a random cave once. When I went back a week later, it was gone. It held a silk eff4 unb3, Fort3 eff3 unb3 I believe. I sure hope my mining friend enjoyed them :)
  9. You cant get silk and fortune on 1 pickaxe....
  10. Two different Picks....?
  11. Yes in away, there is no way of getting fortune and silk on any item.
  12. Well, in Vanilla anyway.
  13. There were two picks in the chest, as yes it is impossible to have silk and fortune at the same time. But, as the topic is about kindness versus criticizing the posts of other players, I think this should be over now.
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