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What do you think of this idea?

Holy IcecreamCow, thats AMAZING! 4 vote(s) 19.0%
Hmm, you know, I think that this idea would really help the EMC community. 5 vote(s) 23.8%
Ok, keep talking... 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Yeah, yeah, it's good and all, but is it really worth the effort? 2 vote(s) 9.5%
Pfft, my granny could think of a better command, and she thinks the internet is a brand of cereal. 8 vote(s) 38.1%
  1. Has this ever happened to you?

    You decide to make a villager trading center for yourself but you keep getting lame trades like 10 gravel and 3 emeralds, for a few pieces of flint (NOT WORTH IT)! So you take a while to spawn, then eggify a villager until it has a trade that isn't a waste of time. You get a few fire aspect sword trades and a silk touch trade from a few Priests, and then a bunch of Librarians who trade wheat or paper for emeralds. Finally, after you get all of the trade you're looking for, you make a farm so that you can trade the farming goods to the villager and get emeralds to trade for better stuff. When you finish your farm, you walk back up to your villager trading center and find that all of your good trades have been CANCELLED! Now what are you gonna do? If you get new trades, it not only takes even more time, people will just steel them again. And if you put them in a room with a door, people will just enderpearl in (Trust me, even if you don't have a single way for them to enderpearl in, there is a glitch where when you try to break a block on someone else's residence, it will break and then reappear really quickly after it, but during the split second that it isn't there, you can throw your enderpearl inside. Just trust me, people can get in)! So, you resolve to removing movement permission on your residence, but what's the point of having a residence if your friends cant even come on it and check it out? Now what do you do?

    Well, maybe this hasn't exactly happened to you, but I'm sure that if you have a private villager trading center, somebody has traded with your villagers WITHOUT PERMISSION at least once.

    So, how do you fix it?

    A villager trading flag.
    It will work like any other flag, but only people who you GIVE PERMISSION TO TRADE WITH can trade with your villagers.

    Feel free to add to my idea...
  2. Put your villager trading area underground where nobody will know.

    It's your fault for making your trading area where people can get into it, and whenever you feel like trading with villagers, just /res set move f
  3. Ummm there is no option in the poll for not liking the idea... Something tells me that a 2 block thick obsidian wall is good enough. If they can pearl through that, then they deserve to be able to use your trades. You could also just make a decoy trade center. Then make a TP plate (in an off to the side place on your res) to a room called "Dirt Storage", and have your real trade center in there.
  4. Just put a 2 thick wall around them.
  5. I for one like this idea. While I don't experience any of these problems, it seems like this would be helpful. But as with all good ideas, this might need a little work ;)
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  6. the last option is that u dont like the idea
  7. Well, 2 things:
    for 1, I, like a few other people who Ive seen, mad a replicate village, and I made the wall around it out of glass panes so you could see it.
    secondly, I still want people to be able to come in my trading area, but not be able to trade; I want people to be able to walk around and check it out
  8. I like it
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  9. Build and Use flags are plenty if used properly.
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  10. cow, think about it. tis is so useful
  11. weel, then ur selfish. no offense, tho
  12. selfish? >_> I literally spent 3 and a half hours getting good trades, yeah I might have wasted my time, but nonetheless, I want that wasted time to at least be kind of worth it
  13. And honestly, if EMC can make it so that nobody can kill villagers on your residence, why couldn't they make it so that nobody can trade with villagers on your residence? I mean, I get that it might not be worth the effort, but is it really gonna be bad, is it gonna hurt the economy in some way?
  14. Just build a 2 block thick obsidian wall around it.
  15. i have my own villager trading center underground so no one can get it and a public trading center