Rainbow's Mob Arena - Saturdays, 5PM EMC Time/9PM GMT

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  1. These will be every Saturday at 4PM EMC Time/9PM BST
    (Provided that I am available, but I'll do my best :))

    A total of three rounds will be held.
    With token prizes up for grabs.

    -Normal, Gear Allowed Round-
    (Winner gets all drops and 300 tokens)
    -No Items, No Buffs Round-
    (Winner gets all drops and 500 tokens)
    -Normal, Gear Allowed Round-
    (Winner gets all drops and 300 tokens)

    Simply do /v mobarena on /games to get there :)
  2. Awe Yeah >: D
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  3. Wowz. Any details on what we should prepare for? Normal rounds? No gear?
  4. Hey. I see that you're reading this. This post used to say "Yay!" from March 8, 2014. As of editing, it is August 29, 2016. To keep relevance, I will be writing something else below.

    Super Yay!
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  5. Thank you so much Rainbow! :D Finally another event that the GMT players can go to :D Thanks again!
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  6. Normal rounds, gear allowed. :)
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  7. Sweet, are there any specifications to what equipment can be used during the rounds or can god armor, etc be used?
  8. For this time, no.
    But I'll see how it goes.
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  10. Thank you, Runder ;)
  11. i'll die fighting in there like always
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  12. melon god dies from lack of melons, how ironic ^_^
  13. Gratz to Bob for winning all the rounds!

    Except the last which starts shortly! (but he will also win)
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  14. Good game Bob! It was close :(
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  15. AKA Mister Won all 3 rounds and got my soul as a prize :eek:
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  16. Thank you all for coming guys :)
    Same again next week :)