Rainbow Melon Casino

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  1. Take a guess at who made that

    Welcome to the official thread for the Rainbow Melon Casino!

    So, this is a project by me, eklektoi, and some help from others.

    We aim to make this as cool as the old Casino, with more features!

    I have all redstone made for the games, the most popular in the 1577 Casino, The Wheel O Rup, Roulette, but I don't know another! I need YOU to decide that game!

    We will not have all game floors, but different floors, almost all having something different.

    We currently have as floors: Casino Floor, Shop Floor, and Auction Floor.

    Working on adding a donation board.

    For a limited time, I am opening to the public!

    Donations so far are:
    SpaceShuttleFan 1000 rupees!
    JackBiggin and The EMC Wiki 28,000 rupees!
    Spiffiey 10,000 rupees!

    princebee 1000 rupees!

    Please donate to this project, I have currently dropped about 50k on it, not much to some, but quite a lot to me.

    Feel free to add insight below, thank you for reading :)

  2. Can't wait to check this out. Way to go!
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  3. I can come on and make sure the games are legal. What server?
  4. Games are not done, just redstone is done on SP.
  5. Ah.
  6. Move is for everyone, 535, smp1!
  7. Sounds exciting, I'll drop by sometime :D Nice graphic you got there! ;)
  8. Yay, SMP1! I'll drop in. Knowing you, I'll like it, and drop a nice big donation
  9. Sorry, move is gone, thanks for the support!
  10. Final bump before I leave for baseball tournament!
  11. I'll come by later yankee and give another helping hand - my brother - in -law will be gone for another 5 months, so i'm having to look after my nephews ... other then that - i've already leveled up another 2600 more times ... so i think i'm good on the enchanting for now - just going to be working on our mall, my statues, and the casino now :)
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  12. Sounds awesome!

    Make sure all the games are fine, because the old one mademsome 'mistakes'! ;)
  13. Don't worry, i'll look over yank's redstone - afterall i am the redstone king ;)
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  14. Bump, now that I'm back :)
  15. We just received our largest donation yet from JackBiggin and The EMC Wiki! Anyone going to top it?
  16. K yank - i spent about another 20k for you today ;) so the floor and walls are almost complete, and i bought you more glowstone - was thinking chandelier style lights in a circular pattern around the melon stairs ... and then on top floor have them parallel along the black cieling ... (p.s - the glass is a bit off) but that shouldn't be too hard to fix :p ) ... anywho just for us now to finish making more games, put them in, and bam we're done :D
  17. :D I'm trying to have it done by my year on EMC, on November 7th, I think. That good?
  18. Time crunching us alot - that's 11 days ... but we might can do it
  19. wish i had that kinda money.
  20. Oh trust me.... Many of us are thinking the same...