Rainbow Basin Outpost

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  1. Just a little area to call my own. Nice view and adventures. Not the place for city folks.

    Main idea is to keep scenery intact and strip mining to a minimum. So channel your inner hippy if you venture out to it, and to the kids, ask your parents if you do not know what a hippy is.

    Is on SMP 6 btw.
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  2. do u mind pm(ing) me the coords and i can come check it out :D I need to channel my inner hippie so badly lol
  3. Am still setting up the borders - but soon it will be open to the general population to visit and sight see. It is still a little dangerous. Went to take a screen shot of the area and was killed by an enraged creeper when I wasn't paying attn.
  4. I'm sorry but unfortunately your current location can't be established as it's too close to an outpost (you'll see it if you look west on the live map) :(
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  5. I see, so I don't think you set up a lock chest (in the right place) D: Nevertheless it's established now :) Would you like the thread to stay open or closed?
  6. closed please and thank you
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