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  1. Hey Everyone! I've got a Game to show you :)

    It's Called...

    As you could tell, it's a game about trains. Another thing you don't know about me hehehe.

    What you do in this game is build up your rail empire to make your city grow. It's a idle game which you try to secure your spot on leader-board or move your corporation on the top of the list. Each game is about 2.5 months long trying to keep up with your competition other towns. Currently I'm in game right now trying to gain foot in one of the towns.

    My IGN: Cjharp

    Just type in my name when you are trying to join the server which is...


    Town: Salt Springs
    It would be very cool of the EMC community to join me and show who are the best :)

  2. Forgot something....

    PLEASE message me if you have questions.
  3. What about it .-.
  4. I've played this, it is interesting at first but got a bit boring to me.
    Might check in on it sometime, it's still in my bookmarks.
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  5. I've played 3 games. I just want some players from emc which I can actually understand.
  6. I saw this on Steam awhile ago (beginning of the year-ish?). I did add to my wishlist, but I removed it at some point. I may give it a try eventually. The premise seems interesting :p
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  7. Well it is interesting how you build the town together as a team. There is something called RG: Required goods. There are 4 goods you must transport to the town as well as passengers. If you reach the requirement the town will level. It's all about competing for the first place. The game ends with the top 10 cities needing all goods from all eras. There are 6 eras and last 12 days. Each games lasts roughly 2.5 months. It's a idle game, like I said in the op so just log in ever 12 hours and you should be good.