Rail improvment.

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  1. Just something I've been thinking about. I used to love playing with rails when I played with single player. On EMC it is just not worth it, though. If you make a rail track in the wild after a week most of the track is missing, especially the powered rails. So here is my suggestion, (if it hasn't been made in the past) although I know nothing about coding and this could end up being not possible at all.

    It would be nice to be able to put lock signs on a rail track. Say you make a rail system then you put a locked sign above one of the rails. After that anyone can use the rails but no one can remove or add rails to the track, unless the owner removes the sign. I know that protections are coming and you could just protect a rail track, but you would end up protecting a lot more land than needed under the rails and over it. Perhaps that when you placed the lock sign over the rails it could charge you per rail? Could end up being a nice money sink.

    What do ya think?
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  2. That might improve the economy, so Aikar will probably will not implement this.
  3. Soo much hate on Aikar.

    Always blaming Aikar just because they don't know how to make money :)
  4. This may cause some of server lag because the server then has to check if each rail can be removed or not and by whom it can be removed by.
  5. Just go out further there is a certain point where griefers will just stop and won't go any further.
  6. Great idea! But how would it work? Like it would last the entire line? Or just like 100 rails? And would the sign be directly infront of the rails direction? I would guess that's the way you are picturing it in your mind.
    This would be very helpful, especially to the trading flow, the miners, and the wild bases. You could have one at the main wild spawn, and then it branches off to all four outpost, and then it goes into unloaded land. This would also help the complaints of a wild reset.
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  7. There is going to be a wild reset? Oh and btw I like ur signature
  8. Well, no, but a lot of people want one for new ores (emeralds), fertile mining pits, etc. And thanks.
  9. If there is no wild reset, then that would make claiming wild land with dragon eggs even more harmful, due to them claiming the wild land with ores.
  10. Jesus now has millions :D (including me)
  11. I like the idea and here's a picture of LLO railways in the past they would get griefed heavy but nowadays they are in good maintance.
    g Railways.png
    Map made by ShavingFoam
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  12. I had a plan to make a railway from my cottage up north to the LLO down south but I don't have 18,000 rails as my disposal. Which is like 5 DC of rails
  13. The only problem I can see is that, say you place a rail down going through someones house, and then lock it so they can't remove it. Otherwise, it sounds like a pretty neat idea.
  14. you need to find a dozen or so abandoned mine shafts :p
  15. lol jessh I can't tell how much materails we used but most of it was a community effort. :)
  16. Well I plan to make the rail space 3 wide 3 tall , I've already dug like 2,000 blocks towards the LLO. But back to the subject, I don't think there is a need to have protected rails because if people grief them and steal, they get banned. Staff has gotten good at finding these criminals. People now think twice before breaking the Laws of EMC
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  17. It would still make there jobs, and anyone else living in the wild, a lot easier.