[Ragequitting] Some random guy has overwritten my home

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by obee58, May 29, 2014.

  1. [Moderated] ended up claiming my base and breaking a SINGLE DIRT BLOCK in the place, then probably left. ALLLL my stuff was there. Good job, derelict status. GOOD FREAKING JOB. I'm done. donedonedonedoneDONE. I HATE people who do those things. Claim an old base, and do nearly nothing with it. Goodbye, EMC, and goodbye people who don't care.
  2. you left for 30 days what did you expect? not like emc could keep every random person who shows up for a few days then leaves, and theres three or four different ways to prevent becoming derelict if you have to be gone longer then 30 days. sorry fella but its your own fault.
  3. As bite said, you did not have the 5 mins to log in or vote on the website in a whole month?
    Sorry, but EMC can not keep the residences of each player, who may come in a month of not saying a word. Where can we know you even plan to come back?
    You could log on in-game
    You could vote
    You could ask a staff member to protect your res if you give a valid reason ( moving and have no internet; vacation; going to the army; ....)
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  4. What he said. It is all your fault. Derelict is why we have some twenty servers, most being ghost towns.
  5. We have 10, 11 if you count Stage... And also, no, its not. Its a lack of new players and old players getting bored and leaving.
    You having your residence become derelict tells me that you did 'nearly nothing' with it. You were gone for more than 30 days, therefore, you're derelict and everyone has the right to claim your residence, since you're clearly not doing anything with EMC. There's also multiple ways to prevent going derelict if you know that you won't be able to log back on after 30 days; such as voting and contacting staff members.
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  6. First of all; I am sorry for your loss. I know what happened to you makes you feel bad, and I understand.
    However, we have been improving ways to keep your residence recently. Voting for example, now extends the derelict.
    Unfortunately the derelict policy is a necessary thing to have, to ensure that new players get a chance to play on EMC too. Some of them stay, some of them don't. But all of them deserve a chance.

    It saddens me to hear stories like yours. If you want to make a restart, feel free to message me.
    Perhaps I can help you around with a few things.

    Good luck with whatever path you choose. You're still welcome here.
  7. you can also make friends with people like me who vote for m4nic_m1ner, magazijnierk, revampedmadness, and a few others if i notice they are going derelict soon. i vote more for them then myself. and all you gotta do is be friendly in general and ask folks
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  8. Also we are constantly telling new players & old don't give out your flags to members you don't trust. Like Twitch1 signature used to say "Giving flags to a complete stranger is like giving them keys to your house." <something like that