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  1. So, I updated Steam about 4 hours ago. It stopped working. So, of course, I hunt down every solution to fix it and I find one that works about 5 minutes ago...

    I fix Steam, find out it's uninstalled all my games. Some of them don't support Steam Cloud, meaning i'll have to put over 12 hours into some of them again. I'm hoping Fallout: New Vegas syncs properly, but i've heard it doesn't work well with the Cloud. So, i'm raging. Alot.

    Also, there's no point to this post or anything apart from ranting.

    Post your Steam/Origin/Desura rage stories and rants here.

    Find comfort in your local Game Platform AA meetings today..
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  2. Steam is so slow on a mac, and I'm so silly for wanting it to run well. So I'll get a gaming computer before I actually buy anything on steam.
  3. Hmm... I have never had any trouble with Steam before.
  4. what are you running on steam? I could play a lot of VALVe games on my Mac fine :confused:
  5. Well it took me a long time to just download TF2, and that's the only game I got from steam. It takes a long and very painful time to open steam, and makes everything on my computer lag when it closes.
  6. I have problems with Steam starting up on my MacBook Pro but it seems to play fine. I also have problems with steam updates for mac also. Gaming developers tend not to like mac for some reason. If you have a Mac it is probably just the fact that steam has bugs with OS X.
  7. Neither have I - This is a first for me.
    The download speed has nothing to do with your computer specs - it depends on your internet speeds. However the lag when you close the window is.
    They don't like it because it's a very RAM-intensive OS. It's not built for gaming. If it were, it would use alot less RAM. It also uses the resources alot of games need to run properly to look 'nice'.
    I play Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, The Walking Dead, and Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas mostly. They all run fine. Games that I own, and play sometimes, but my laptop can't run properly:
    Hitman: Absolution, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (I couldn't care less. I got it on an offer and it's a crap game anyway), and Crysis 2.

    If my laptop can run those, i'm sure a Mac can (My laptop's specs are better than a Mac's, but they're not good enough to run most things released past 2011)
  8. Simple explanation: Macs are NOT made for gaming. They will never be made for gaming. They're made for designing program's n such...

    Buy a proper gaming PC running windows :p
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  9. Just got steam to buy terraria 1.2 for 2.50$ luckily haven't had any trouble yet
  10. Games are supposed to be fun. Don't play them again if it's a chore for you. :p
  11. True, Macs are easy to use and expensive. They were made for digital artists and specific jobs. Windows is more suitable for games.
  12. I didn't say it was a chore :p It's just i've invested about 9 hours into Fallout: New Vegas and some of the quests i've done are quite difficult, and it's annoying to have to do them all over again :p
  13. I've had that too, but I was lucky to just get all the data from the cloud back.

    I don't really have a lot of issues with Steam though, lucky me?
  14. *facedeskpalmmuffin*
    Yes, I know. I really would like a gaming computer, y'know to run games
  15. I also have a MacBook, and my Steam will occasionally freeze me. I'll find myself with my mic stuck being "On" or I'm crouching, and so forth while I play TF2. I also wanted to play Defiance, but I only learnt it was for windows AFTER I bought it!
  16. Downloading tf2:

    YEY! It is predicted to download in two hours!

  17. for me, on both my mac and my PC, the downloads are about 10 times faster than the estimate o.o
  18. Well I was downloading it on the day it came out. :p
  19. VALVe 3 -
    coming next to never.
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  20. Ohhhh that explains a lot