rage of bahamut

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  1. hey guys, i found a cool app called rage of bahamut, and i was wondering if anyone wanted to join my clan of 1 :D its a TGC (trading card game) of pitting your monsters vs cpu or other players monsters. its pretty fun and its free! so, pm me if you wanna join BEFORE you register, so i can give you a promo code, and play!

  2. So, like Pokemon?
    But with a app.
  3. So what is it an app for your computer , apple, android, etc. i would like to know
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  4. wanted the same to know:D
  5. I assume it's App Store or Android. App generally refers to mobile, although I know it can be a term with PC, Mac, and Ubuntu.
  6. I think I'll join...
  7. yes its on android (i think) and iPhone. i didnt get alerts for this, sorry. give me your ign and ill add you :D
  8. i dont play RoB, too lag filled. i play DarkSummoner instead :D
  9. wow importerer, long time no see! thanks for the rain....
  10. I would say legend of the cryptids is a better game. its made by the same company and has better graphics.
    P.S my username is SirWaffles, put it in the reference box to get money and a rare card :3
  11. ok fine, ill start out at level 1 on a diff game instead of 26 on one i have :p no one, really??
  12. i play rage for a little bit but i do prefer LoC