race track!

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  1. THE news about the race track on plot 10220 on smp5.

    race NOW pm me and i let you know witch time to run is the best!

    if you run a time it will be posted HERE! and if you register now you get access to the winners lounge!

    REGISTER: pm me and if you are registered you get some really nice privileges! it's free!
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  2. It's really cool, i have done it a few times!:)
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  3. redflops:-------------------------- 00:39:34
    jorg2:----------------------------- 00:39:57
    sytza:----------------------------- 00:41:29
    chrisdog:------------------------- 00:47:55
    gumtoy:-------------------------- 00:44:40
    marzania1:----------------------- 00:51:34
    abcjjc:---------------------------- 00:52:30
    marknaaijer:--------------------- 00:44:25
    cookiesXDXD: -------------------00:45:31