Race horses for sale 120 thru 127 speed in stock!

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  1. On smp5 at /v 11161 (or /v +horse or /v MrsWishes), I sell horses by speed or by color. I have lots of 120-122, 123-124, and 125 in stock. My 126 is limited supply and I have one 127 for sale.

    Horses are also sold by color with miscellaneous stats. All my horses are sold in shopboxes, so you can shop even when I am offline.
  2. I'm out of 126 at the moment but I have 1 127 speed in stock.
  3. I'll take the fastest one you have. I don't care what color. ^^ Also do you have a really good jumper? All of mine are under 75 ><
  4. Please reply. And also, a 127 for 1k? That's slightly overpriced; it left me broke. :/
  5. Sorry, I'm out of high jumpers at the moment and I can't play much right now to breed more. I'll let you know when I'm able to play again.

    If you are unhappy with the 127 horse you purchased, you can return it to me thru the mail system and I will reimburse your purchase price and the 50 mailing fee.

    I price my horses high for 2 reasons: 1. It takes a lot time for me to get a 125 or higher horse and 2. it takes a lot of gold which I purchase. There are many people on EMC selling horses so I'm sure you can find a better deal if you hunt around for it. But I am comfortable with the prices I set, considering the time and money I invest in order to breed fast horses.
  6. I have 90+ jumpers for sale. They jump 6 blocks high. Look for Jump section @smp4 8028

    MrsWishes is totally right! Breeding aint easy. From 40 eggs created maybe one is good or decent. That's a lot of gold.
    Plus it is pretty rare. Gotta pay for it coco broski :)
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  7. Just saying, there's a gold farm on smp3, personally i think its alot easier then mining :p