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  1. Le link is le here r00tfreak.tk


  2. What's the first one do?
  3. It basically sends hundreds of emails to one person
  4. Swag
  5. Get aikars email address and send that emails. :p hopefully nobody will be suspicious
    Is that a website? If so is it paid? If not then what is it
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  6. Which would be illegal =P But good thing modern email services like Gmail make "email bombing" a non existent thing.

    You would get flagged for spam and your IP blacklisted from ever sending mail so quickly.

    Not to mention most home IP's are blacklisted in the first place and ISP's block you from sending mail.
  7. Just so you know, you do not need to have the parentheses around the phrase when you use print. Only ' or ".

    I was about to mention that.
    I made one in AppleScript for iMessage. :)
  8. You made me think I typo'd Illegal... D:
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  9. You did.
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  10. Heh heh heh my school has fiber and their IP is not blacklisted as they host their website in-house :D
  11. Not in Python3
  12. Nice work :) I code in Python my self. It's pretty easy to learn in my opinion and a great place to start off!
  13. Doesn't necessarily mean they are their own ISP.
  14. Exactly. Something tells me that if a student managed to get the school in trouble while on their network, then there would be hell to pay for the student.
  15. Not of they coule not figure out who it was. If he just uses an email with no connection to him and a proxy he is virtually undiscoverable.
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  16. Most school security software is good enough to block almost all proxies unless he uses one he makes himself. If he makes it himself, they will just block it. If they can't block it, they will just put more steps into being able to access the internet, which will just harm others.
  17. Pfft, like schools networks are that sophisticated!

    Still, don't email bomb, its bad. Karma will get you back 10 fold.
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  18. My school pays £1,000 a month ($1,671) for internet and use the best internet you can find in the whole town, they paid £130 ($217) for their network and pay an additional £90 ($150) for security for every computer in the whole school a month.

    They pay £140,000 (that's just for one computer. The whole school has about 800 computers so for the security, you'd be thinking about adding an extra £864,000 a year :p) a year just to be 'sophisticated'. Tell me again how school networks will never be that sophistacted ;)
  19. The maths is all wrong and I've just told you this so I'm not going to repeat again. I see where you're coming from but they'd never be able to get away with (as in, budget wise). I think you've done it like so they pay £1,000 for internet for each computer, which you know that's not how it works. Network costs is not for each computer either but just of course for the whole network. With the security software, the school will have a license for it and depending on that license the security provider will allow the school to use the software for x amount of computers.
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  20. Because Security is only as good as its weakest link.
    Only so many manufacturers make networking equipment.
    Only so much software you can run on that equipment.
    Regardless of what they pay, network infrastructure is almost the same regardless of where you are at.
    (Psst, I get paid to do this)...