R.I.P. Paul Walker

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  1. So today Paul Walker was confirmed dead in a tragic car accident in California on his way to a charity event. This thread is to pay respects to this great actor.
  2. At least he went out while in a Red Porsche. RIP Paul Walker, I will miss your Fast and the Furious series.
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  4. Glad he was a celeb that didn't act like one.
    Even happier he was doing a charity drive when he went out. Just goes to show, he was a really good person, even in his final moments.
  5. If only he had been driving. He could have avoided crashing into the light pole and still gotten there on time.
  6. Actually the guy driving was a professional driver, but they even make mistakes.
    So sad, R.I.P.
  7. They found skid marks and doughnut tire burns. And there is some footage of a guy driving a car and filming it, I keep on wondering, if he had an extinguisher with him, he might've been able to save paul and Rodas.

    ''The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office stated that speed was a factor in the crash. Burned rubber and doughnut marks were found in figure 8 patterns on the road of the crash site, but it was not clear to officials if these were related to the crash''

    I hope they will let his character die in the movie's to pay respect to him and not let it be portrayed by someone else. Paul was the blue-eyed angel who got me watching the first F&F :D

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  8. Paul was like a male version of Jennifer Lawrence, kinda. </3
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  9. Fast and Furious won't ever be the same.
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  10. You know what, there was a guy filming the car getting burn, a Tembo guy, was there filming, the stupid guy didn't help Paul.
  11. What?!?!?!?! how did u find this out?
  12. Internet my young child, internet :D
  13. It is easy to look at the situation like that, but then there is the issue that the car could have exploded, and that could have killed more people. The report state that there were about 10-30 people almost immediately at the scene, a few with fire extinguishers. Yet there was nothing they could do.
  14. Mate I'm taking it you speak another language (maybe French) by the way you spell English lol. But still he was one of my favorite actors.
  15. Lol,i speak spanish
  16. Dang I'm even taking Spanish I in high school and failed to recIgnize the language. *facepalm*
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  17. Aslo Iam the worst guy typing things, so I am not bad talking inglish, but i still hate my inglish :p
  18. It's fine everyone makes mistakes as you can tell ^^^^^