R.I.P Gamerzilla2012 - Honour Question

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Should I make a MineMart in Gamerzilla2012's Honour?

Yes, he deserves it! 7 vote(s) 58.3%
No, keep HallonMart! 5 vote(s) 41.7%
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  1. Greetings, fellow EmpireMineCrafters.
    I have sad news.
    Yesterday, in SMP3, an awesome player by the name Gamerzilla2012 had his Residence deleted.
    He was my absolutely best friend ever here in EMC, and it's sad to know this.
    Gamerzilla2012 was working on a shop in SMP3, MineMart.
    This shop would have been the most epic one ever.
    I really miss him.
    And now I have a question to the awesome EMC Community:

    Should I skip my upcoming shop, HallonMart, and create a MineMart in his honour?

    Make sure to vote, EMC.
    Make sure to vote.
  2. Noone responded?
    Seems like noone knows how awesome this guy is.... ;(
  3. No, its just that noone cares if he lost his res...

    I dont understand why you would use RIP for something as pathetic as loosing a residence.... Its not like he's dead.. Maybe he deserved to loose it...
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  4. PThagaard, I think you are being a bit harsh, but it is true. I never knew him, so I do not know what you should do. :( It's up to you mate, and I'm sure he would appreciate the 'memorial', but to me it seems a bit of a waste as he is not dead. Also, you spelt 'Honour' correctly! Well done! :)
  5. He REALLY didn't deserve to lose it!
    And I know that his res took hime alot of months to build up, and it was still not even close to done when it was deleted.
    I understand that you think losing a res, you're a Diamond Supporter, you can have 4...
    Also, I know tons of people that cares about that he lost his res, they probably just don't know about this thread yet.
    You might not understand why, but I take your comment as an insult to both me and Gamer.
    Also I don't want to start a fight, so if you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all.

    Also... What would you do if your ABSOLUTELY best friend like "stopped playing"?
  6. Well, him using the term RIP is obviously to gain attention..

    And im not starting a "fight" just replying to his comment about noone knew him.

    I would get a REAL best friend that wouldn't just leave me.
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  7. It wasn't.
    I don't mean a best friend in real life.
    Just my best friend in EMC.
  8. Alex, this is a useless thread.

    If you feel you need to honour your friend with a replica of the minemart, go ahead :p

    I truly don't care :)
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  9. Saying any thread you make is useful?
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  10. His creations are way more important than yours, and his threads way more positive and actually important than yours.
  11. Yes, he does deserve it. Make it and i'll see that i can visit it :D
  12. Anyone who didn't know him doesn't really care. We aren't purposely saying he was lame, we don't know him, we don't feel we need to honor a person who is not dead. They simply got their res deleted, if by a mod he deserved it. If I were you or him, I would seriously just move on, create a new res, and stop making a big deal about it. You lost your res. Big Whoop, Make a new one. I have moved servers several times and it is really NOT that hard.
  13. Alex: I knew him, he was a great guy and gis minemart was pretty nice (he took a couple of ideas from my first shop :p)
    The residence reset was his fault, he should have tell staff about his time off.
    Anyways, id be happy to follow your creation and FYI I have a backup of his residence in case you want the original model.

    The word R.I.P. stands for Rest In Peace, which is only used when someone dies (I think it's not the case) so maybe that was a bit excessive :p
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  14. Did I go and hit a nerve? Also really pointless to keep trying to insult me. I don't have a vulnerable ego like you seem to.
  15. I WOULD say you upset a lot of people, but really i think its just Copherfield that hates you. :p
  16. Woah. I just realized I am an ACTIVE MEMBER! YES!!!!
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  17. Sorry if this is a double post in advance, it doesn't show the other one.

    Lol, it seems like you troll a lot, and I think a lot of people WOULD take it as an insult and just be quiet, but most imo just take it as a troll and don't say anything. Copherfield on the other hand, he just takes it as a direct hit to that player and calls you out on it. I don't think he gets the whole "Troll" concept.
  18. So someone else said this thread is worthless, but I'm the troll? If you notice my posting they are usually jokes or a reply to someone being rude. I'm a defender of justice. Also copafeel probably dislikes me because I'm not a hateful being like him.
  19. I'm not insulting anyone here, and my ego it's something you can define by the few words i even direct to you.
    I'm just pointing out something that everyone agrees with, and i think your hostile attitude does not help in the process.
    EDIT: My iGN it's copherfield, as stated on my signature, the letters below my name and the quotes and alerts you may recieve.
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