R.I.P. 1998golfer

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  1. Hi everyone! I am giving everything I owned away at res 8984 at 7:00PM MDT! ave fun!
    Major items included:
    64 diamond block
    54 stacks eye of ender
    10-20 stacks of iron ingots

    and many many more so many it would take me 30mins to write it all out!

    please come and enjoy free items!

    Gold and diamond supporters:

    I am giving away my dual zombie grinder on utopia wild. Please pick a number (between 1 and 20) and i will do a drawing to see who gets it!

    1. Dogsrnice
    2. sgx2000
    3. finsup2010
    4. Oidking
    5. Theepic5
    6. jamesg003
    7. Missdeedee68
    8. faithcaster2
    9. fathcaster
    10. Jimbonothing64
    11. MR2R2M
    12. mba2012
    13. Secretazneks
    14. bitmonger20
    15. Vividoptimism
    16. Creppaninja235
    17. running5kman
    18. PRO_G4NGST4
    19. moemaczap

    Lastest time to put in your number is 6:59PM MDT!
    You may enter more than once if you have alternate accounts!
  2. I choose number 14
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  3. Nooooooooo. And 18 please.
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  4. Number 6 please
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  5. I choose number 12.
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  6. Number 10 please
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  7. 11 please :)
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  8. 8.
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  10. SO sad :(
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  11. 7 please :)
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  12. What time is it now, I live in New Zealand, so would like to get a rough estimate of when I should be on.
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  13. It is 4:37 At the moment.
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  14. Just like what I said to LZBZ-DZ, well, screw you to..
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  15. 19. Sorry to see you go golfer :(
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  16. No need to be dramatic about this, you deserved your ban, and have been banned a few times already. You should be grateful about the time you got.
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  17. You all got your numbers
  18. However, you have your right's to give thing's away.
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  19. Yes, that is why i am doing this. Unfortunately i cant give away my 133k :(