qwop -_-

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Melk73, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. WOOHOO!!!!!!
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  2. Use that on a resume
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  3. 3 steps ahead of you, already on and sent out 12 :D
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  4. Isn't that game like evilly hard?
  5. You beat me by .4 meters. :c
  6. I tried and well, All I got done was flop around on my stomach with my feet twisted.
    Aaaand I did a backflip :cool:
  7. How far I think I would get: 100
    How much I DID get: -1
    How much everyone else thought I got: 12
    How much my parents thought I got: 34
    How much I hated the game: Infinity x ยง
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  8. distance traveled: 1.4 meters
    I WIN!!! :D
  9. I got -21 meters

    Beat that
  10. qwop.png

    Like a boss!
  11. I can't because, because, I SUCK AT THIS GAME!:( ~cry~cry~sob~sob~
  12. Arg!!! This game is so hard for me...
  13. Ya... a few months ago I was almost at the finish line in qwop... until one little mistake I made changed it all... 90 meters and losing! :(
  14. All I did was keep pressing the buttons randomly and I started doing back flipa
  15. I started just standing there, until he tripped:D
  16. lol i tryed it and couldnt stop laughing xP then i rage quit.
  17. 2.7 meters! W00t!
  18. My record is like, 3.