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  1. I will use this space to post any good and interesting photos i take in game :)
    It will be my Photo Diary :)
    I hope you like them.

    2011-11-21_17.42.41.png HAHA! Skeleton Was Riding a Spider.

    2011-11-24_01.25.07.png My First Magma Slime :)

    2011-12-01_01.47.15.png My First Victim!! Poor Nole.

    2011-12-02_17.05.39.png Skeletons Were Fighting Over Me <3

    2011-12-02_18.29.45.png Cows Want Their Leather Boots Back!

    2011-12-07_18.12.38.png No Illegal Gambling Going On Here ;)

    2011-12-10_02.59.02.png Qwert Was Hungry?

    2011-12-10_23.14.05.png Me and Sir_Creeper Struck it Rich!

    2011-12-11_02.14.01.png Qwerty & Creeper Adventures!

    2011-12-12_02.14.30.png Me And Jennypoo10 Sat By The Pool.

    I Will Update Photos as I take Them!
    Watch This Space :)
  2. --Reserved--

    Edit: Is there a way to have 'Full Size', But resize them smaller?
    It looked great when writing it, but they were full size when i published.
    I hope theres a Parameter for that.
  3. the one against the mountain in the rain, epicly awesome.
  4. Looks good mate! I especially like the spider rider XD
  5. Im in 3 of these :D Lol you seem to have a lot of adventures these days....
    Edit : Make that 4 the first one was Our trip to get music discs :D
  6. The first one is called a spider jockey from what i have read they are really rare.