Quoth the Raven: Nevermore

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  1. Okay, so EMC is great, personally speaking, however, if all that is going to happen here is *****ing and moaning about every little thing, I feel like I shouldn't stay. As I have said before, infighting kills servers and as you can already see, the population is split, and people are disappearing.. I have stayed because this is one of the best servers that I have come across. However, you don't see me much on the server because I got tired of logging into the servers and having people beg me to buy stuff from them, besides the mass "debacle" over the 1.3 update. "Debacle" is my way of spelling debate, because every thread that has ever been started about it that I have seen stay debates for about 5 posts and then become mudslinging/insult throwing/defamatory threads that eventually get shut down. BTW, anyone who sees this thread as an "oh someone is leaving, I should beg for free stuff" WILL be reported because I have not said that I am leaving, just that I should if we are going to turn Minecraft into Political Forum (with some mining).
  2. just do what i do, turn off the chat and hide in my res. :) feel free to come join the hiding, ive got a nice digging project undergo if you need something to take your mind off things :)
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  3. Agreed, we need to sway people away from the mudslinging and back into the mud digging :p:D
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  4. oh, someone is leaving, I should beg for free stuff

    All jokes aside, just chill in the wild. Sure, we have some nasty people, but most of them do their nastiness in town. The LLO, for example, is a great and nice place where I can get away from the crazies in town.
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  5. People on the internet are still people. So there will be fighting because people have opinions.
  6. I get tired of all the fighting too so I just turn off chat put some music on and do whatever feels good.
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  7. Regardless of personal opinion, debates about updating a server shouldn't consist of low-blows and insults.. This is a "family friendly" game/server, Not the US presidential elections.
  8. some under age kids might take what you said ( the last 4 words of your post ) and make it bigger than what it is XD
  9. Well it's not ment to be like that and if someone thinks about it like that then society has officially ruined you.
  10. Huhuhuh i dont get the title
  11. Quoth the Raven: Nevermore == boredom
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  12. XD my lil brother is the one who brought it to my attention
  13. haha.