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  1. Hello everyone. Recently I was sick with a cold, and it was really bad. Also I almost went deaf in my right ear. But thanks to the doctors I got some peroxide in my ears under high pressure, I didn't feel anything, just the wetness of my ear, and the snap crackle and pops. I am feeling much better now and will be on full time (And school will be a variable in this time) with some time for some steam games and Real Life problems in first world realities. Thank you guys for the get well's and especially my sister for #FeelBetterShyguy. I still am a bit sick, but not as bad as it was. I did miss 5 days of school and I was barely on in-game on thursday due to a homework overload. Thank you guys.

    Also, don't leave rude comments. If you do even towards another player, I will report the message and have it deleted. Even if you want to leave a mean comment as a joke, don't do it. Thank you.
  2. Glad you're better ;)
  3. I was being so lax on your builds, sorry about that. But what I did with my time wasn't wasted. I did 4 road edits, a pixel art on smp4, and a house rebuild for someone.
  4. What does this have to do with my update...?
  5. I am just letting you know my friend! I wasn't going to leave you in the dark what I was doing with your residences.
  6. You mean the "Darkness of Foxy's Curtain"

    *Budum Tss*
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