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  1. When I first locked a chest in the wild I flipped out Lol because I had to pay 1000 r. That was just crazy to me. So i was wondering if locks could be cheaper for supporters? Im seriously considering upgrading to diamond and that would be a huge deciding factor! Thanks :D
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  2. there is a reason its so expensive..
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  3. This is to prevent people exploiting them. Theoretically it could be used to make a wall or litter the wild.
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  4. The price of these would not stop someone if they really wanted to build a wall, though it has been previously stated in Mumble and a thread (not sure which) that building such things is in exploit of their built purpose.
    The expense is a money sink, which sadly means that lowering price for supportership is unlikly due to the additional rupee influx perday you would receive.
  5. A wall which would actually block people would be millions of dollars. A diamond block is worth 450 to 540 rupees. This would theoretically be 3 million for a small wall and then it can grow hysterically in price
  6. What wall? your not allowed to build a wall of chests, its the same category as Volts lava walls.
    if such a structure was allowed and existed other servers or even the outposts would be used inplace
  7. That is the point I am making. People will then do this if it was cheap.
  8. It actually is cheaper for supporters. Supporters get a daily, whether signed in or not bonus of rupees. You could actually get a locked chest per day with that bonus if you needed it. :)
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  9. If people do that BAN them, simple. Why make others pay because there are people who could break the rules. It isn't fair to judge all of the sake of a few rule breakers. I am a free player whose only income comes from voting, so that 1k fee does not encourage me to waste my funds on locking a chest. If people have nothing better to do then break the rules then it is time for them to go. And it would be easy 'cause their name is on the sign...

    *EDIT* Forgot to hit the quote button... This is a reply to building walls with locked chests.
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  10. I have to agree with you. This is what I have been thinking as well. You make such a good point.
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