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  1. What is the most important rule/commandment?
  2. All of them :)
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  3. Its a trick question, they are all equal. Any of the answers lead to the end in the tutorial.
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  4. 10.
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  5. Obviously it's *mumble mumble*.
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  6. thanks guys
  7. ?
  8. CAn i use a mod that adds new weapons??? No cheats or anything... it would be nice to have a mod or admin answer
  9. That kind of mod would not work on EMC without server-side support. It will not function if you are playing on EMC and may cause some inconsistencies.
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  10. You're behind the times. I was demoted about two days ago. There is a thread about it somewhere in Community Discussion.
  11. Yes, your conscience was so tormented by the final challenge that you feared for your life in the path of uncertainty.

    The sacred tutorial spares another soul...

  12. Um... Yes... Like AusQB said... Welcome to EMC! :confused:
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