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  1. If i tame a cat/wolf and make it sit down in my res will it stay sitting there forever?
  2. If I remember correctly, yes.
  3. No. it will come out at night and murder players... better keep it caged, buddy!
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  4. Bobthetoamato alright cool because on survival the wolves stay sitting there for too long.
  5. ill be sure to cage it up
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  6. alright
  7. Unlike other passive mobs, Ocelots can despawn when the player moves too far away from them. This makes it difficult for the player to permanently cage or hold the Ocelot in any form of captivity for long. That off of Minecraft wiki about the bugs that come along with cats. I would just make sure to give it some attention every now and then to keep it from despawning and don't cage it.
  8. k well forget the ocelot how bout wolves?
  9. Well the one thing I see on wiki is that one of the bugs with wolves is that they will sometimes teleport to you even if they're sitting. So you might just have to try it and see. I know though, that you shouldn't cage them... at least every time I tried to they despawned.
  10. yeah that bug happens to me on my survival world.
  11. I know for a fact that wolves and ocelots/cats will teleport to you after a while, even if they are sitting.
    It happened to me when I had cats and it became so annoying that I had to get rid of them.
  12. Alright thanks for the info i'll probably just end up selling my eggs.
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  13. Same thing happen to me, I got so angry, They mysteriously disappeared.....