Quick Question: Jerks on Horses

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  1. is reporting someone because they are causing lag on your res a legitimate reason to report them? I told one of the people to please stop it because it causes both me and my brother lag when the purposely jump there horses on or outside our reses, I don't want them to get in to much trouble but I would like them to stop any ideas on how to get them to stop or if I could just report them for this reason?

    Edit: they stopped now but I still need to know in the case that they do it in the future
  2. /res set horse false
    I believe it works. Then do /res pset josh__12 horse true
  3. after I removed there move they continued to do it outside on the edge of my res that's the problem
  4. If its outside of your res, then it's still completely legal to do because technically they aren't breaking any rules but I would ask ICC or someone how this would cause lag.
  5. if a single horse causes you lag i think something is wrong with your computer....your own res might be lagging you
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  6. My computer is not the greatest (five year old laptop) but its not the fact of the lag, I could live with it if it was just someone walking past but they are doing it only to annoy me and my brother
  7. well still take away the move perms and they cannot bother you anymore or even better turn horse damage on for you and your brother and beat their horse after asking them to leave politely. i encounter all too many people who i wander onto their res and immediately get told "go away"after not even doing anything. so if this is the case then you need to learn to politely ask people to come back later or just have move perms off for anyone you dont want on
  8. Well like I said there not doing it on my res anymore because I started to punch there horses but instead on the road right outside of my res where I cant control it
  9. PM the cow. (IceCreamCow).
  10. If you can confirm that they are indeed doing it to annoy you, like if they said something in chat about it, I would consider that harassment which is a reportable offense (from an experience in my past).
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