[QUICK GIVEAWAY] Free Fire Aspect 2

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CoryLovesYou, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Yeah, yeah I'm insane I know.

    There are only 8 to be given out, so reply below your favorite thing to do with Fire, Minecraft or not, and the first 8 people to do so will be mailed a free fire aspect 2 enchantment book.
  2. I like to build shrines to the mighty fire lord Maxarias.
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  3. I like to burn people woth moltovs in counter strike
  4. My favorite thing to do with fire? Burn houses down... :p
  5. I Like To use fire to blow up tons of TNT >:) Mwhaha
  6. i like eating fire
  7. I like Turtles!
  8. oh and light my homework on fire
  9. I like setting making shrines to Dianite #teamdianite
  10. cj12115 registered in game. Make sure to check out my 64 Diamonds Event as well!
  11. Your prizes have been set in access chest at /v 6065 on SMP3