[Quick Event] Parkour At /v +fun utopia

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Gonna Be There?

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  1. Thanks To AlexC__ For The Banner

    Type Of Event: Parkour!

    Soo Whats Gonna Happen: At 4:30pm Emc Time Will Open The Fun Res On Utopia! Then you can try beat the hardest parkour.. Actually 2nd Hardest Krysyy's Invisible Parkour.. -.-

    When: 9/2/2016 4:30pm Emc Time!

    Location: /v +fun | /v theomglover 4 | /v 5691

    Prize: 2x Beacons | 100k | EMC Birthday Cake 2016 | EMC Birthday Cookie 2016

    Donations: Think the Winner Deserves more prizes? Well There Is A donation chest :)

    See You There :)