[Quick Discussion] Best Tablet?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Krysyy, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Wanted to get some advice on tablets to purchase. Not apple as far as I can tell.

    Mostly going to be used to watch anime/some minor browsing while laid up in a hospital bed (no it's not me).

  2. First! yay. Maybe try samsung? I don`t really know :p
  3. Nexus 9, or anything in the Google Nexus range :)
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  4. I am on my amazon kindle fire hd right now. You can play games, basic browsing, nor sure about anime... $99 is a great deal for a tablet and there are tons of free books (something I use everyday)

    Edit: the crunchyroll app is available in the Appstore (heard that is a good anime app)
  5. If you want a 'real' tablet, then the samsung galaxy tabs have been fantastic to me.
    The hardware/touch screen has held up over time. A step up from the 'cheapies' that are out there, but still budget friendly.

    Screen looks pretty good (not as nice as the 'high' end, but depends on what your budget is and what screen size you want).
    I prefer the 7" as I wish them to be more portable and easier to get around. Plus the battery life vs screen size helps a bit.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 7" <-- this is the one I got when it was spanking new. - bout $120 these days. Has held up over time, and videos, youtube, netflix, and surfing all work well on it.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 White 7" <-- this is the 'new' one that I got around christmas time. More responsive than the older version, however if just watching videos and surfing, you will have to decide if the 30 buck diff is worthwhile. bout $150 these days. (10" variant is $300)

    They do have 'pro' versions of each, but for watching videos and surfing, probably not worth the additional dollars.

    I also strayed from samsung and have a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet. It runs full windows 8, and looks pretty good. Does run minecraft on it at around 20 FPS pending on where I am at. More 'full fledged' than an android tablet, but totally set up to 'really' require a keyboard/mouse combo. Has one usb port, so purchased an adapter and use a wireless keyboard/touchpad whenever I really want to 'use' it. Not as easy to use as an android without it. Tag is about $200, and recommend the usb adapter ($10) and a simple logitech wireless keyboard/touchpad ($40).

    But, I would say if looking at something to lug around without needing accessories, then an android tablet is better and my galaxy tabs have been running like a champ for me, even with some minor abuse, slight drops, and a 9 year old constantly on them.

    Hope this helps!
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