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  1. Just recently got back into EverQuest 2 so this came to mind after a few quests. I've played several MMORPG's and I'm never really one to just grind out levels, to me it's boring and I feel like I get more EXP from doing quests as well. But there are quests that always don't make sense to me or make me rage.

    For Example:
    NPC: Hey could you please take two steps to your right and kill those mobs and take some of the things they drop to the guy right next to me? 10 should be fine.
    Me: ....really?

    NPC: Hey could you go halfway across the map and kill these things and get me 6 pieces of their hair? Oh by the way the hair is rarely dropped and you can can only get one hair from each mob you kill.
    Me: RAGE! *flipstable*

    NPC1: Please go kill 20 of these mobs, collect 40 teeth and take them to NPC2.
    Me: Simple.
    NPC2: Thanks, now can you go kill 20 more of those mobs, bring me 40 more teeth?
    NPC2: Thanks, now go across the map to NPC3 he has quests for you.
    NPC3: Hey can you go back across the map and kill like 5 of those mobs? There's just too many of them over there for me to be comfortable.
    Me:....I hate this guy.
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  2. Sorry, but what is EQ2?
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  3. They're mostly always like that.

    Except in mine you sometimes do items like, they need like some ashes or whatever(They're special ,you must travel half an hour to get them)

    I'll edit it in the thread, typing EQ2 is a bit of a habit.

    I hate those. Also the ones where you have to travel a continent away as well.
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  5. and after all.

    When you complete quest, your reward: 50 gold coins,1 exp (you need 500m exp to level and you got like 100000b coins)
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  6. Haha yes. Massive rage.
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  7. MapleStory Quests, How does that make you feel
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  8. I used to play that like.. 5 years ago. It was pretty fun...
  9. Ugh yes. JUMP QUESTS which are basically Minecraft Parkour (jumping from block to block)
  10. I remember this one: Kill 50 Haunted Logs and return to me in 2 mins ........ Is late by a second -_-
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