Questions about the Upgrades

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  1. Hello,

    As the title of the post says, i got some questions about the upgrades.

    My first Question is: How does the payment per month work?

    My second Question is: If i buy an upgrade today (28 dec), my account stays upgraded till 28 jan, right?

    Greetz T3CHN0
  2. Correct it is by one month at a time. If you bought it today you would be charged on 1/28 automatically. However if you dont want this you can go back to the upgrades page after you upgrade and then cancel the automatic billing. Then when 1/28 came it would just downgrade you to a normal user and you wouldn't be charged.

    Hope this helps :)
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  3. It does, thank you.

    Edit: I can't pay without a credit card? Now i'm annoyed.
  4. Sorry we only use PayPal..... :(
  5. I got PayPal but no credit card.
  6. Ahh yes that is a limitation on PayPal's process because it is for only a month at a time. But fear not we have a solution! You can PayPal the money to "" and include in the payment message what level you are buying and for how long (Like Iron for 2 months for $10, etc).
  7. :cool:

    Edit: My ign should be in the message too right?
  8. Yeah I should have put that haha
  9. Bought, waiting for my Upgrade :D.
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  10. By the looks of it you got it :) Thank you for supporting :)
  11. WHOOP! Supporter. Your too cool bro. :cool: