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FRAPS or Dxtory?

FRAPS 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Dxtory 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Other (put in comments with reasons and link to website) 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. I have a couple questions: Dxtory or FRAPS or another recording software. Also, do they record the screed, sound or both.

    Also, I am thinking about building a computer, but I need a starting place and some cost info. I want it to be a gaming PC. Where do I start for the parts and what will be the relative cost?
  2. Pretty sure that they record both, and I've always heard that FRAPS is kind of the standard for everything else, but someone else should chime in on that. is a great site for computer sites, you'll be able to find anything you need there. For tutorials, I always just assume youtube. Price really depends on the type of performance you want, it could be anywhere from $500-$2000, its really up to you.
  3. Although I know I may create some tension through saying this but: Do not buy FRAPS! It is underdeveloped for it's price, they way it operates is sloppy and thus has a huge impact on your game's FPS. In addition to this FRAPS limits your game's FPS to match the recording FPS, this means if your frames fluctuate in-game it will be evident in the recording. Don't forget about FRAPS' huge file sizes :/

    Now for my suggestion: PlayClaw
    It is very resource friendly, works on low end computers and only affects game FPS by about a 16% drop.
    It's $50 and has many useful features such as 'pre-record' and soon 'live streaming'.
    In addition to this it's file sizes are incredibly small, 1920x1080 @30 FPS for 15 minutes is about 8GB.
    Has an easy to use interface.
    Has support for recording multiple audio sources, with adjustable levels.
    Exports as avi or mp4.
    Lot's of settings for how you want the program to operate.
    Available on Steam, and on their site as standalone (Steam is better :p).
    Example of footage: Most of my videos have been recorded using PlayClaw ;).

    Here are my computer Specs, what I recorded that video on ;)
    -Computer Specs-
    •OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    •Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 @ 3.00GHz
    •RAM: 4.00GB
    •Graphics Card: AMD Radeon (0x68F9)
    •Storage: 1TB
    •Motherboard: ASUS P8H61
    •Monitor: AOC 2250 (1920x1080)
    •Keyboard: A4Tech KB(S)-21
    •Mouse: A4Tech Optical Mouse
    •Speakers: Hyundai Z-10
    •Headset: Turtle Beach PLa
    •Microphone: Turtle Beach PLa

    •Recording: PlayClaw 5
    •Editing: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus
    •Graphics: GIMP

    I do however recommend a better graphics card, perhaps a GTX 580.

    Hope this helps, hopefully you buy PlayClaw :)
  4. What are you looking for in terms of graphics?

    I do suggest more ram, perhaps 8gb.

    I also suggest a quad core intel i5 3.4GHz processor.