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  1. Those Dragon Egg owners who had turned in their eggs have gotten them back along with bonus eggs and we currently have one of them being auctioned off by Faithcaster. I read today on his auction thread where he asked if anyone wanted to bid 330k. Since there have been so many non-bidding posts on his thread I almost posted there, but I don't want to directly affect his auction.

    I've been watching his auction and I'd like to bid on his egg, but at this point no one even knows what he's auctioning.

    Right now, I don't know when I will be able to use one for more than a decorative block if I had it. I don't know how common the Dragon Tombs will be or how difficult it will be to obtain an egg. This auction may be the only chance I'll ever have to get one. Or we might find people lining their residences with them a few months from now.

    I understand I will be able to use an egg to dig. Will it be only useable on my residence or work anywhere I want, like another person's residence or even the Wild, like a shovel? Will it have a limited durability and break eventually or will I still have it but not be able to dig with it anymore? Will it dig forever? What Efficiency level will it be equivalent to? Will I be able to use it to claim land once I have used it to dig?

    When we are able to claim land, how much land will one cover? How much will land claiming cost per egg? I would hate to give up most of my Rupees to buy an egg then find that I could no longer afford to use it to claim land because I no longer had enough Rupees.

    The original eggs now give the ability to activate an Ender Crystal. Is this the original egg's only purpose now, or will it also work like the other eggs?

    In a post yesterday, ICC alluded to other "functions" that the eggs will have. I'm sure these will likely add value to them.

    I'd like to participate in the auction or at least consider it, but without answers to these questions I'm left with the choice of bidding on a big question mark. I'm sure I'm not the only one with questions. It's likely there has only been one auction so far is because the owners of the eggs also have questions about them and aren't willing to let any leave their hands without having a better idea of the value of what they are potentially giving up.

    The complaints and jokes about Dragon Tombs have gotten stale for me. I would find the responsibility of development daunting so I think we all need to be patient for it and respect that they will be ready when they are ready. But, (here comes the "but"), knowing that people would immediately want to buy and sell these eggs, it seems like releasing them without giving us the information we need to make intelligent decisions about them makes it premature. The Staff has repeatedly said that they will not be rushed into releasing other features of Dragon Tombs, like land claiming so I'm confused about why this was done so early without first giving us more information.

    I hope there is enough development of this project finished so that we can have some of these questions answered. I understand that some of it may have to change but I would appreciate whatever information I can get.
  2. The digging feature will only work in Town. I'm not sure about residence restrictions. I think it was mentioned that the durability is infinite, although I'm not completely sure.

    Sorry I can't answer any of the other questions, but at least it's a start.

    After edits:

    It will dig like Super Pickaxe on WorldEdit, meaning it will remove the dirt in a (currently unknown) radius around you when used.
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  3. You guys are fast readers. I was still editing it.
  4. The original eggs will be usable for digging too.

    As it stands, balance on the eggs digging power has not been figured out. I was toying with it when working on the original eggs powers but I could not find a middleground that was not overpowered, and didnt want to waste more time working on that feature yet.

    As for the commonness - The goal is that everyone can obtain an egg in the dragon tombs if they put in good effort. it will no doubt have a big impact on the eggs price that there will eventually be a constant supply of new eggs.

    As for how much land it will claim - thats unknown too, thats a bit off from now and will basically require us to study the dragon tombs impact, how often eggs are entering the economy, how easy they end up, and balance off stuff like that.

    So we cant make calls in pricing of land until the tomb and egg rewards themselves are stabalized.

    you will have to decide if the show-piece aspect of it for now is worth paying the current price, or decide to wait until the prices are lower or just work to obtain them on your own.

    The eggs were returned so the orig owners could get theirs back and the perk, and to get some into the economy as an early start.
  5. Thanks Aikar. You didn't have that written already in anticipation did you?

    I've been expecting the egg holders to sit on them mostly until they understand what they have. It's going to be interesting to watch whatever happens with them.
  6. IMO Paying 330K+ for something that is just going to sit on my res is ridiculous. These egg auctions are going to be the next Diamond Supporter auction and some lucky person is going to be swimming in rupees.
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  7. amen to that panda.
  8. To be honest, I thought the same thing. But then I didnt have anything to spend my money on, so we saved and bought dragon eggs (a long time ago). At the moment, it is just for bragging rights, but in the future it will be more as Aikar and IceCreamCow have frequently stated, which is fantastic in my opinion.

    It really comes back to the intrinsic value of the egg as one of the rarest items in EMC. On another note, the price will probably not stay at 330k+. People are only shelling out the big bucks because of the exclusivity behind the egg. Once the dragon tombs come out and people are earning eggs for beating the tomb, that exclusivity is going to plummet. But on the other hand, if you don't want to fight for one, you are gonna have to pay someone for theirs. It all comes back to the original design behind our economy system. Do you want to pay and have it instantly or do you want to mine/explore and get it for (almost) free? Enough people are willing to pay for the convenience, myself included.
  9. Decorative blocks are what they are now, but what will they become? That's what we're all wondering. Glorified shovel? Probably not. Infinite shovel or instant shovel? Now we're talking. The ability to cover farms, grinders, and other large areas in the Wild with build, use, and container perms? Oh yeah.

    Diamond Supporters won't be the only egg holders. There are many people here who have plenty of Rupees and nothing expensive to spend them on especially if they mine rather than buy materials. I think the recent special items sales are pretty good proof of that. As I recall, someone posted the amount of Rupees spent before that weekend was up and it was well into in the millions.
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  10. It's already been highlighted what the main function of the Dragon Egg will be - claiming Wild Land.

    Screw everything else. No other feature from the Dragon Egg is even worth a look, this is all about EMC going 'Wild' and taking the largest step forward it's made in over a year.

    I would bid, but I suspect I'll need a lot of eggs, and they'll soon be common as mustard because people will literally camp the Tomb and wait for the instance to reset before hammering it again, or if it constantly moves, there will be teams of people constantly hunting it down.

    However, if someone wants to spend 330,000+ on something, that's their choice and their Rupees. We shouldn't begrudge it. :)
  11. It will constantly move.
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  12. Eggcellent.
  13. Well, I think people are bidding because, as before the selling, most people wanted to have an egg because it is the (most) rare item in EMC. And I think that is still here, people want an egg to have it on their res, that indicates the popularity/richness.
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