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  1. Since i joined emc i saw in the forums those cool signatures people have,
    Now people how can i make a video signatures?, those signatures that have cool clips on it. I tried to learn how but i ended up failing :/, if someone has a tutorial or step by step guide i will be happy :) if u show it to me.

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  2. Its hard because the software you use, I use flash while others may us a 3D Theatre program. I could look into making one but everyone has moved on from them because they lag the site (the thread) with having 20 different ones running :p
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  3. They aren't actually videos. They are animated GIF files, which are a series of pictures that are displayed in sequence when your web browser loads them.

    There are a lot of applications that you can use for creating them ranging from simple/free to professional/expensive with a range in between. Search for tutorials on animated gifs and you should find enough information to get started.

    I've never done much with them. Possibly some others can add to this and volunteer their advice as well.
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  4. I never noticed that. Could you point out someone's who's got a signature with a Flash animation embedded in it?
  5. I dont understand? But I use flash to make it then safe it as .gif
  6. I read your statement to suggest that people were embedding Flash in their signatures. If you are creating GIF files, never mind.
  7. You cant embed flash :( Wish you could then I can make really good clickable etc sigs
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  9. Find a gif or make one (I reccomend GIMP. If you plan to make one, you'll need some video tutorials),and upload the image to imgur. Copy the BBCode into your signature.
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  10. Flash is unstable enough as it is - I don't fancy having to wait 3 weeks for the site to load up flash each time >.<
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